Christmas in ... Nablus!

Saturday December 15 2007, Bethlehem Bible College Choir did its first concert ever in Nablus. And what an event it was! Nablus is the biggest Palestinian city with over a 130 thousand people living in it, among them a few thousands are Christians. We brought Christmas from Bethlehem to this small community that is not used to celebrating Christmas.

The trip to Nablus was not an easy one at all. It took us almost 3 hours, two buses, and three major check points, to get there. But in the end it was well worth it. Nothing like bringing the joy of Christmas to community that is desperately thirsty for hope. The look on the faces of the 400 people who filled the "Good Shepherd" Anglican Church as we sang and preached the good news of the Gospel will remain with us for a long time. And the smile on the children' faces as Santa gave away Christmas gifts was so satisfying as well.

Pastor Ibraheem Nairoz could barely express his joy in words! "You broke two barriers", he said. "First you made it through the siege and the check points to come here, but most importantly, you have broken a big psychological barrier"

Being a minority is never easy and is always full of challenges. These are not good days for Palestinian Christians. Many are leaving. For those of us who decided to stay, we have to encourage and bless each others. This is our call. Nothing is more satisfying. We serve a great and worthy king.