A book worth reading: The Land Cries Out

Finally! My article on Joshua 6 has been published and the book is out: The Land Cries Out: Theology of the Land in the Israeli Palestinian Conflict. The book is edited by Salim Munayer and Lisa Loden from Musalaha, and contain different perspectives and insights on the theology of the land. My chapter deals with how Palestinian Christians struggle sometimes in understanding difficult passages from the Old Testament, and I use Joshua 6 as a case study. Of course Joshua deals with the destruction of Jericho by the Israelites. After looking the different ways Palestinian Christians have interpreted this story, I offer ways of preaching this story in the Palestinian churches today. 
The whole book is great. I know most of the contributors and as I said it contains different perspectives on the theology of the land, and is in itself a great work of reconciliation. You should check it out!


Becca said…
Definitely reading this (and excited to). Just met Dr. Munayer here in Boston and learned a lot.

Thanks for this cool blog, and keep posting!