The Tent of Nations and the Continued Struggle “Not to Be Enemies”

Yesterday we received bad news from the Nassar family and the Tent of Nations. Israeli bulldozers attacked the land and uprooted more than 1000 apricot and apple trees as well as grape plants. The following update was posted on the Tent of Nations Facebook page:
“Today at 08.00, Israeli bulldozers came to the fertile valley of the farm where we planted fruit trees 10 years ago, and destroyed the terraces and all our trees there. More than 1500 apricot and apple trees as well as grape plants were smashed and destroyed.
We informed our lawyer who is preparing the papers for appeal. Please be prepared to respond. We will need your support as you inform friends, churches and representatives when action is needed. Please wait for the moment and we will soon let you know about next steps and actions.
Thank you so much for all your support and solidarity.
Blessings and Salaam”

The story  and struggle of the Nassar family is not a new one. Christ at the Checkpoint has featured the story  in the second conference. 

The Tent of Nations from Christ at the Checkpoint on Vimeo.

We continue to be inspired by the family's persistence to fight for their land while insisting “not to be enemies”  – as the theme at the entrance of the land says. After the incident, Tony and Nisreen of the Nassar family, posted on their Facebook: "In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world". Amen! 

As I thought of this incident - I couldn't but wonder: Why? What did these trees do? Are these trees also a threat to the State of Israel? For how long will this confiscation of land go on - under the watch of the world? I can't help but think of the biblical story of Naboth vs. Ahad and Jezebel  (See my article on land confiscation in the Bible). The rationale is simple: "Just because we can, then we should". The Israeli government want more land. They are trying to break of the will of the Nassar family. 

Please pray for the Nassar family, that God will comfort them and give them the wisdom to respond in a godly way to this latest attack. Pray that they will be able to keep their land; the land of their fathers. 

Please pray for justice in Palestine.


Robin Wainwright said…
This is the height of insanity and the definition of evil.
Edwin Arrison said…
I posted this comment on the Christians United for Peace Facebook page: Do not give up....some parts of the world did not "see" apartheid in South Africa for what it is because it was seen as the last bastion of Christianity in Africa - against communism - but as people across the world (not governments and not churches) stood up, the tide started turning. The Church of England, despite the fact that Arch Tutu was the head of the Anglican church in South Africa, refused to promote sanctions against the apartheid regime....and of course afterwards the leadership of that church acted as if they did all they could to stand up against apartheid. But we know the truth, and the truth is that civil society and individuals eventually drive change that governments and churches eventually have no choice but to heed....
I feel so sad, when you shall Palestinians get justice? Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied.
Unknown said…
I can only say it's more shameful activity by the Israelis . This is apartheid . There must be action. In the uk we have an election looming now is the time to ask those difficult questions. Try raising concsiousness using both social media and broadcast media. 70 years for the jews to go from oppressed to oppressor.